About Us

Moun Fou heritage is deeply ingrained in Street Culture. From our humble beginnings, it has always been the ambition to transport our fans on the endless adventure in everyday life. Whether you are sitting on a beach in Miami or skiing the slopes of Colorado, we have set out to capture fun and adventure where ever our fans find themselves.

In 2013, Moun Fou opened their corporate offices in Sunrise, FL, where it is still going strong.

Moun Fou is known for offering exceptional quality and craftsmanship which are the hallmarks of the brand today. We have cultivated years of experience and refined our expertise in product research and development to continue to deliver the unique and original products that stand the test of time. We pioneered original products and fabrics, such as our “specialty Direct to Garment” Print’s and the very popular 100% cotton shirts that strike a stance. The powerful combination of fit, form and fun has propelled Moun Fou to the top of the highly competitive world of retail apparel.